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Bøgerne kan købes samlet eller enkeltvis - prisen er 125 kr. pr. stk. ALL THE LITTLE LIES English Prep stands tall with its ivy-covered exterior and old, wrought-iron doors. The stone gargoyles sit at the school’s entrance, knowing just as much as anyone: I don’t belong. Once upon a time, I did. I belonged in the “it” crowd with all the other well-endowed kids, but now, I am no longer welcome. Not after five years away from this place. Not after the scandal that landed me on the wrong side of the tracks. I’d be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to seeing the one person who was always by my side. My old best friend. My safe place. Only, Christian isn’t the same boy I left behind. His cold, brooding, devastatingly attractive glare sends chills down my spine. My old best friend doesn’t welcome me with open arms, and I have no idea why. Lies continue to fall from our lips. Christian wants me gone. But I’m determined to stay. ALL THE LITTLE SECRETS English Prep has always been known for housing the most uppity, privileged rich kids in all of Pike Valley. That is what has been driven into my brain since attending the opposing prep academy in the area since middle school. So, when I am hastily pulled out of Wellington Prep and thrown into English Prep my junior year, it feels like I am being thrown to the wolves. My plan is to blend in and to remain invisible, so I fly under the radar, staying away from the “in” crowd. Then, I lock eyes with Ollie Powell. I learn very quickly that the Powell brothers rule the halls of English Prep in all their prestigious glory. They turn heads with their smug grins and good looks as they parade through the hallways shoulder to shoulder. And although Ollie is the lesser of two evils, he is still the bane of my very existence. That’s because English Prep isn’t our first run-in. The first time we met was gritty and dark, shoved deep beneath secrets neither of us want to reveal. I thought I was being thrown to the wolves the first day I stepped foot in English Prep. But I was wrong. There is a much bigger wolf out there, and Ollie might be the only one to slay it in the end. ALL THE LITTLE TRUTHS Several months ago, I was the queen of English Prep. The boys stopped in their tracks at the sight of my too-short plaid skirt, and the girls cowered behind their locker doors, envious of me ruling the halls with the most desired boy by my side. But the thing about queens? They often fall to their own demise. The boys no longer spare me a single glance. The girls turn up their noses at the very sight of my golden hair. Every relationship I’d formed as ruler of the school was fruitless and one-sided—and I didn’t miss a single person when I was pushed off the throne with my broken crown in tow. Except for Eric. In sixth grade, I gave him a friendship bracelet, right along with my young, naive heart. But things quickly changed after that. The pretty, nice, girl next door that I once was turned into someone cold and callous. Eric thinks I iced him out because of my status at English Prep. But that isn't the truth. And as much as I need him now, I deserve every heated glare he sends my way. Eric hates me. And I can’t even blame him. ENGLISH PREP 3. All the little truths 2. All the little secrets 1. All the little lies Beskrivelse Who knew prep school could be this hot? ———————————————— ❤️ Nye hver dag. ❤️ Det største udvalg i kærlighedsromaner. ❤️ Både nye og gamle bøger. ❤️ Mange spændende miniserier. ❤️ Følg gerne vores shop. ❤️ Altid billig fragt på TS og på vores webshop. ❤️ Følg også gerne på Facebook og Instagram. Tags: Harlequin bøger, kærlighedsromaner, kærlighedsbøger.

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