Code of conduct for crawlingHere you can read more about how and why we crawl other websites

The Koral database contains data collected from partnerships, product feeds or API’s or website crawls. Without the information about available second-hand listings across +200 platforms in Denmark alone, we are not able to present shoppers with the full market offering, therefore we collect data from marketplaces, brands own reuse/rewear/refurb solutions, smaller websites with second-hand and other relevant sites.

  1. To give second-hand shoppers the best possible overview in one place, we truly believe that they need to be presented with as close to the full picture as possible. Therefore we have to crawl sites as not everyone has product feeds and/or API’s we can retrieve the listing data from, or they simply do not wish to collaborate with Koral just yet. 
  2. We do however, always ask for potential collaboration before we start the crawl process, as it provides the most optimal framework for both parties.
  3. Some websites already have a clear standard for API and/or product feeds and then we just tab into that. Some websites don’t have this in place and/or we never hear back from them.
  4. We do continuous legal checks with trusted legal advisors to ensure that we follow relevant laws and regulations governing web crawling, including copyright, intellectual property, data protection, and privacy laws. 
  5. Our approach to website crawling is centered around prioritizing the interests of website owners. To this end, we undertake responsible crawling practices that minimize any potential impact on the performance of the website. We are mindful of rush hours and peak periods, and we take care not to overload the website's servers with excessive requests that may cause disruptions or degradation in performance.
  6. We do not alter or modify the content of the website during crawling, unless explicitly allowed by the website owner.
  7. We never collect or store personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive data during crawling. This kind of data is not part of our business model and we believe that it should strictly stay at the trusted website from where the user profile is created.
  8. We respect Intellectual Property as we don’t infringe on intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, or patents, during crawling. Respect the website owner's proprietary information and content.

  9. We always make sure to do proper attribution to the website being crawled by including appropriate acknowledgments, citations, and references in any results or publications derived from the crawl.
  10. If we identify security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the website being crawled, we report them responsibly to the website owner to help improve website security.
  11. Any user or website owner can always see what the data retrieved from crawls are used for; presenting the best second-hand alternatives in the Koral extension and on At this point, this is the offering from Koral. 
  12. We always handle data ethically. When we collect and store data from the website being crawled, we handle it ethically and in compliance with applicable data protection and privacy laws. We protect the data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  13. We truly want to cooperate with website owners and do promptly respond to any inquiries or concerns raised. 
Should you have any questions towards our data collection, possible collaboration, privacy or any other topic, please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected].